Old Glory Rustic Sign Co is a Veteran owned business, operated by myself - Ben. I enlisted in the USN in 1991, and have a deep love for this awesome country and those who protect her. The Armed Forces, Police, and Firefighters who sacrifice for all of us should be thanked and honoured. 

I get asked alot how I got started making wooden flags, and I'll tell you the story. I had recently purchased a new table saw (because what guy doesn't need a good table saw), but it sat in my shop unused for the most part.

I could sense the impending "I told you so" from my wife of 19 years Jen (she truly is my better half). As many men will attest to, I couldn't let that happen, and Jen and I had seen a wooden flag on the internet that was quite unique. 

Jen asked her if I could make one, and again as many men can attest to, I said of course. We began researching the process to make the flags, color of stain, type of wood, etc, and long story short the table began being used to make the flags. The flags saved me from the dreaded "I told you so!"

Once the first flag was created, we had great feedback from those who saw it. We decided to try to sell the flags and started selling on Etsy. 

Now for the serious part... I take great pride in my work and customer service. I feel it is an honour to be able to make a flag that you will display in your home or office and I do not take that responsibility lightly. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, I will respond to all emails directly.